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stlctyaly in hair_questions

What does your hair color say about you?

Are blondes more fun? Are brunettes more brilliant? Are reds more radical? In a recent survey of more than 1,000 women (aged 18 and up), conducted by Clairol, the responses largely confirmed these popular attitudes regarding hair color and personality.

More than half of women polled said blonde is the most fun-loving hair color, and half also chose blonde as the most seductive color.

Survey results revealed that a whopping 76% of women believe brunette is the best hair color for making a good impression on an interview. And 72% find brunette the most trustworthy hair color in general.

Redheads were voted most intimidating by half of the survey respondents. But if they could change their hair color for a day, the majority of women said they would go red!

So, next time you recommend a new hair color, consider your client’s personality—or secret ambitions—as well as her physical attributes. After all, she’s choosing an attitude and image as well as a hair color shade!

source: P&G Beauty


What does blue hair say?
There wasn't anything. Figures.