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stlctyaly in hair_questions

Misconceptions about hair color

1. If I dye it too dark I can lighten it with a lighter shade. FALSE

Color is not intended to lighten color. It will either do NOTHING which is the least
of your worries, or it will pull odd color tones possibly in varying shades (called banding)

2. I can just bleach or strip out my hair if I don't like the color I get myself. FALSE

See comment above. As well, you can also end up with permanent hair damage and/or breakage
resulting in hair loss.

3. Its cheaper to do my hair at home. TRUE & FALSE

Its only cheaper if you are willing to keep an unwanted tone/color or pay more to have a professional fix it later (color correction is pricey) Going one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural color yourself is pretty much safe.


That is really good info..thanks. Every time I think paying $45 for a cut and color is too much I talk to others who tell me they pay lots more. I would probably be one of those people that the color would go bonkers on me and I would pay double what I pay now to fix it!
You could always go to a beauty school and have it done for even less, but that really is a great price for cut & color !
I used a semi-permanent color on my hair once. It was a lovely copper color. I envisioned myself having this pretty head of hair like the girl on the box. IT TURNED OUT BRIGHT ORANGE!!! I had to go to the store like that (although no one seemed to notice) and buy another color in ash tones. When I was all done, I had a pretty auburn color. I KNOW I was just lucky. *eye roll*

Now I have my coloring done professionally. It costs more, but I feel much safer. :-)

So true and even as a stylist I have had some crazy events take place with color on my own head. Its how I learned so much though, and it didn't last or hurt anyone else....so I assume it was worth everything I learned about corrective color ! A friend of mine showed up here with purple hair one day. I fixed it. She went home and dyed it again. It hasn't been as pretty as when I did it since. Some people never learn !
Ok, I dye my own hair. My "original" hair color is extremely dark brown (almost blue-black as I am Native American). Since turning salt and pepper I am dying it about 2 shades lighter. I don't mind the gray, seriously, but my hubby, my friends and my kids and grandkids don't like it at all. Also, I couldn't get a job until I dyed it so that must say something.

Is there any suggestions you have that would be better than just dyeing it a lighter shade of brown? Should I frost it or would I have black, grey and lighter colors all mixed up and look like a mouse? My hair (as you know) is very very thin. I'll send you a picture if you email me with your address and you can "analyze" me (if you would).

Good to see you again (ranlor7@yahoo.com)
I will write you soon. In the meantime I can tell you that when you color your hair and highlight it as well, you have that regrowth to deal with (the gray/black/brown that grows back at the roots) and then you will have to keep up with the highlights growing back and redoing those too. If this doesn't bother you, go for it as I think hair has more depth and looks more natural with highlights. I wouldn't do light blonde though, I would do an auburn. Just my opinion without seeing your pic yet.